WLA BROKERAGE is a “Focused Based-Relationship Building” freight brokerage company that strives for customer satisfaction on every load... all day, every day! Focused Based Relationship Building is all about directing laser-focused attention on the client to understand their needs, and getting the best possible results. WLA BROKERAGE prides itself on building relationships with its clients through all channels of communication and providing services for them to help their business thrive.


Clients are just not limited to shippers either.  Clients are also Independent Carriers and Carrier Companies.  WLA BROKERAGE partners with the most reliable carriers and carrier companies to make sure freight moves mile-by-mile and on time every time.


In the Freight Industry, on-time delivery is crucial to the shipper and receiver. Goods, whether it is food or materials, need to be where companies say they need them, and when they need to be there.  To alleviate shippers' and receivers' concerns of product whereabouts during transport, WLA BROKERAGE utilizes the most advanced transportation technology in the industry to service our clients.


We have integrated the latest Logistics Software to adequately service all major shipping lanes.   Our software has driver “Track & Trace” capabilities meaning we can pinpoint the location of your shipment by cell phone GPS.  We can send the driver a special text message and the system will “zero in” on the location of the shipment.  Also, messages can be sent to the driver via this feature to relay other important information, all in real-time! The freight industry is a very competitive market. However, communication, integrity, and the ability to make clients first set WLA BROKERAGE apart from our competition.


“We want to Help You Solve Your Logistical Problems!”

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